police and lawyer assistance

This page will assist in detailing the police involvement and lawyer assistance in proving cases against the people who have committed the crimes involved. 
November 10th
2010>  want to give special thank you to Gloria Fletcher for her constant support and assistance in making sure that criminal behavior intended to harm my life and livelihood  is stopped.  ( a page of thanks to her  is located on  my other website and blog:  )

Gloria Fletcher:  4501 NW 6th Pl Fl 3 Gainesville Florida  326076121 United states /

Patrick Weber  guardian and lawyer : as of today june 29th 2012 i was informed that he went against my wishes and my request and allowed to take service for a foreclosure pon my home,  I was told he  was over worked adn had 150 cases and had never looked at any of the emails i sent nor replied to any of the  phone messages i left at his office.   I requested he have a co guardianship with a bank so that an easy  access to the equity line of credit for my home and for paymnets  could be established.   He ignored my  multiple requests  to evewn look into using my own bank for the  coguardianship and for the equity line of credit. He told me i didn't have enough income but woudl do  nothing to increase any type of payment  from ssi that would establish  higher payments.   He even had the  gall to wink at me after  the last court appearenace  when the actually  told the judge that he would wave the statute of limitations ( that was about to run out ) so that the  condo association could  foreclose on my home .   What the hell..... and this guy is suposed to be in charge  of my finances and of legal matters adn is supposed to be on my side????? oh and get this.... when i stood up in court to tell him that he isn't allowed to wave the statute of limiations.,,.. ( i also sent him a 40some page letter/email with direct quotes as to what the laws actually say....youknwo the  statues 744 for guardianship... the actual defination for the statue of limitaions,,.,  )   but since i was told the guy doest even read his emails.... from me... he went ahead and  actually insteaD OF ALLOWING THE STATUTE OF LIMIATIOANS RUN OUT HE ACCEPTED SERVICE FOR THE FORECLOSURE.... COUDL HE HAVE EVER MADE A MORE INCORRECT CHOICE  AND NOT HAD MY BEST INTEREST AT HEART?????........I'VE BEEN CRYING FOR DAYS... HE HAD PUT ME THOURHG HELL... TOLD ME TO WAIT .... AND THEN INTEH LAST MINUTE  HE RUINED EVERYTHING   AND SCREWED UP EVERYTHING  BECAUSE HE IS INCOMPETANT AND SHOUDL NOT ONLY BE DISBARRED.. SHOUDL NEVER BE INCHARGE OF ANYONE ELSES LIFE..  HE HAS BEEN MY GUARDIAN SINCE 2006..... I ONLY SAW HIM ONCE BEFOR THIS LAST YEAR.... I HAVE BEEN THROUGH  HELL HAD MY IDENITY STOLEN, MY CREDIT RUINED, MY HOME BROKEN INTO , PERSONAL ITEMS STOLEN, AND BEEN BULLIED MERCISLY BY  A GOUP OF CRIMINALS WHO HAVE STOELN BUSINESSES, SUPPLIES, HAVE RUINED RELATIONSHIPS, SPREAD LIES AND CAUSED ME TO HAVE A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN... HE HAS NOT BEEN A PROTECTOR OF M Y RIGHTS, OF MY LIFE AND OF MY PROPERTY.  AND STILL THE CRIMINALS ARE ALLOWED TO DO WHATEVER THEY WANT AS LONG AS THEY HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO RUIN LIVES... AND STEAL AND MANIPULATE..THEY HAVE GOTTEN AWAY WITH ANYTHIGNAND EVERYTHING.... I BLAME PATRICK WEBER IF ANYTHING  HAPPENS TO MY HOME OWNERSHIP AND WILL NEVER FORGIVE HIM FOR HIS INCOMPETANCE AND UNPROFESSIONALISM.  

Thomas O'brien : 
office of Us attorney 312 N. Spring St. #1100 Los Angeles, Ca.  90012 /
contacted concering  case of bulling:  lori drew( bully) and Megan Myers( victim

Elizabeth D. Scheibel :  office One gleason Plaza North Hampton Ma 01060 /

Contacted office of Thomas O'brien June 2nd 2009 via email concerning the prosecutationof a bully in naples florida: Karen Kahel 

 Police officers I have contacted for assistance/ Naples Florida :
Officer Chris Allen Badge #: 2511
officer Hurley badge # 2308
  Detective Sannicaro badge # 2649
  Detective Orcott badge#:250
  Detective Lee badge #: 1138
Detective  Linquest badge number#: 3141
( spoke on the phone )  Dective  Lancia badge #: 
  Sgt. Brian Sawyer badge #1894: email sent concerning cases
Deputy Florence badge#: 2596 report 09-12785
Deputy Jerry Gallagher ( 10/28/08)
Investigator Dean Peck (economic crime unit) January 5th 2007( letter)
E. DuPoss badge # 2882 comunity service deputy district 1
cpl. Jordan #1834 ( 4/16/10)
CSD melisa Palacios id# 2209 / residential security survey case# 06-38832
Jill badge # 3102 ( secretary for Brian sawyer
Frederado badge # 2973  11/08/09 left message to add items to report for Brian sawyer files missing for business missing
Deputy Randy Steed badge # 341 ( 9/29/10)@2:00pm

case for laptop:case#: 
report filed #06-27161
report # 0721734 filed 07/05/07
report# 8850 filed :
report # 10-00004669
report  #lso 060917427889 filed report for crossed phone lines /Woolf  Sept. 17th 2006

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